Vatican: Help Our Children!

The Vatican, the Roman Catholic Church, is the richest organization in the world. If the Pope made one phone call, to utilize a portion of the mass profits he and his partners in crime, generate, the problem of world hunger would be no more.

After looking at a picture of an emaciated Ethiopian, one person stated, "man, that is sad," another stated, "we can help by praying for them."

We can help by sending MONEY, by sending FOOD. How many times have you been in a serious bind, not of hunger or starvation, but lets say you needed money to pay a utility bill or to pay rent/mortgage. You come across someone who says, "I'll pray for you." That's all well and good, and in the long run, sometimes in the short run, prayer can be effective, but you would have been a lot more content if that individual would have said, "here's $500, go pay that bill."

The "long run" has already passed for our starving brothers and sisters (and YES, they are our spiritual brothers and sisters) so they need concrete, direct assistance, NOW.

Send a few bucks, even $5 will help a few people. You sit in church, listening to shysters on a weekly basis, then you give him 10% of your earnings. You have no idea what he's doing with your money. Sure, he has a few non-profit organizations (that are additional tax write-offs and places to launder your money, your tithes), but he's also financing his lavish lifestyle.

I'm sick of people defending their pastors by saying, "he doesn't even collect a salary, he has his own business."


If you think for one moment that your weekly funds are not supporting him, his family, his lifestyle, and his fly-by-night business, you're on some type of acid trip.

Help those who need our help the most! Like it or not, we are our brothers keeper.

The History of Nagasaki Christianity

Nagasaki is famous in the history of Japanese Christianity. The city had the largest concentration of Christians in all of Japan. St. Mary’s Cathedral was the mega-church of its time, with 12,000 baptized members.

Nagasaki was the community where the legendary Jesuit missionary Francis Xavier planted a mission church in 1549. The Catholic community at Nagasaki grew and eventually prospered over the next several generations. However it eventually became clear to the Japanese that the Catholic Portuguese and Spanish commercial interests were exploiting Japan. It only took a couple of generations before all Europeans – and their foreign religion – were expelled from the country.

From 1600 until 1850, being a Christian in Japan was a capital crime. In the early 1600s, Japanese Christians who refused to recant their faith were subject to unspeakable tortures – including crucifixion. But after a mass crucifixion occurred, the reign of terror expired, and it appeared to all observers that Japanese Christianity was extinct.

However, 250 years later, after the gunboat diplomacy of U.S. Commodore Matthew Perry forced open an offshore island for American trade purposes, it was discovered that there were thousands of baptized Christians in Nagasaki, living their faith in secret in a catacomb-like existence, completely unknown to the government.

With this revelation, the Japanese government started another purge; but because of international pressure, the persecutions were stopped and Nagasaki Christianity came up from the underground. By 1917, with no financial help from the government, the revitalized Christian community had built the massive St. Mary’s Cathedral in the Urakami River district of Nagasaki.

So it was the height of irony that the massive Cathedral – one of only two Nagasaki landmarks that could be positively identified from 31,000 feet up (the other one was the Mitsubishi armaments factory complex, which had run out of raw materials because of the Allied naval blockade) – became Ground Zero for Fat Man.

At 11:02 am, during Thursday morning mass, hundreds of Nagasaki Christians were boiled, evaporated, carbonized or otherwise disappeared in a scorching, radioactive fireball that exploded 500 meters above the cathedral. The black rain that soon came down from the mushroom cloud contained the mingled cellular remains of many Nagasaki Shintoists, Buddhists and Christians. The theological implications of Nagasaki’s Black Rain surely should boggle the minds of theologians of all denominations.

Most Nagasaki Christians did not survive the blast. 6,000 of them died instantly, including all who were at confession that morning. Of the 12,000 church members, 8,500 of them eventually died as a result of the bomb.

Many of the others were seriously sickened with a highly lethal entirely new disease: radiation sickness.

Three orders of nuns and a Christian girl’s school nearby disappeared into black smoke or became chunks of charcoal. Tens of thousands of other innocent, non-Christian non-combatants also died instantly, and many more were mortally or incurably wounded. Some of the victim’s progeny are still suffering from the trans-generational malignancies and immune deficiencies caused by the deadly plutonium and other radioactive isotopes produced by the bomb.

And here is one of the most cruelly ironic points: What the Japanese Imperial government could not do in 250 years of persecution (i.e., to destroy Japanese Christianity) American Christians did in mere seconds.

Even after a slow revival of Christianity since World War II, membership in Japanese churches still represents a small fraction of 1 percent of the general population, and the average attendance at Christian worship services across the nation is reported to be only 30 per Sunday. Surely the decimation of Nagasaki at the end of the war crippled what at one time was a vibrant church.

Pseudo War or Terror

Since World War II, 90% of the casualties of war are unarmed citizens, a third of them children. America's victims have done nothing to us. From Palestine to Afghanistan to Iraq to Somalia, to wherever our next target may be. Their murders are not collateral damage, they are the nature of modern warfare. They don't hate us because of our freedoms, they hate America because every day we are funding and committing crimes against humanity.

The so-called War on Terror is a cover for our military aggression to gain control of the resources of western Asia. We're sending the poor of our country to kill the poor of Muslim countries. We're trading blood for oil and this is genocide. To most of the world, we are the terrorist.

Our military is not defending our freedoms, they are laying the foundations for 14 permanent military bases to defend the freedoms of Exxon Mobil and British Petroleum. They are not establishing democracy, they are establishing the bases for an economic occupation to continue after the military occupation has ended. Iraqi society today, thanks to American "help" is defined by house rapes, death squads, check points, detentions, curfews, blood in the streets, and constant violence. We must dare to speak out in support of the Iraqi people, who resist and endure the horrific existence we brought upon them through our blood-thirsty imperial crusade.

When the Industrial Era begin it broke the connection between kinship and trust and it started treating people as commodities. Then we lost sight of our government and we allowed corporations to buy the government. The U.S.A. no longer represents "We the People," but you can change that. The Military Industrial Complex profits from secrecy and war, it does not profit from efficiency and peace. The bottom line is that Central Banking is an evil cancer. These people are selling us credit they don't have so they can take profits they don't deserve, out of our pockets. The United States government is constitutionally charted to print money on the good faith and credit of all of us and not pay interest. If you fight the bankers you get assassinated. Lincoln and Kennedy were both about to print money, and not borrow from the banks.

Religious Fundamentalist

Fundamentalism offers people security that it cannot deliver. Fundamentalist take the Christian story literally. Language about God cannot be a literal dialect. A horse could not speak with any intelligence, if a horse could speak, about what it means to be a human being. So why do human beings think they can speak with any degree of intelligence about what it means to be God. We can experience the Divine, and the Holy, but we can't describe it. The biggest misleading conception about all religions, through the ages, is that the church and the bible has acted as if it could define God in such a way that it could persecute or ostracize anyone who disagreed with its definition.

We have had religious wars, religious persecutions, and burned heretics at the stake. When Islamic fundamentalist (with assistance from the American Government) flew planes into the World Trade Center, for the first time, the Christian West had a chance to see what fundamentalism looks like when Americans are the victims.

Over the history of Western civilization we have victimized Jews, we have victimized heretics, we have victimized people of color, we have victimized women, we have victimized Gay and Lesbian people, all with quotations derived from a literal source that we call the Bible. Throughout the ages, religion has done much more harm than good.

Our Universal Relationship

"Relation with God" .. "Punishing God" .. "Vengeful and Jealous God," and "Are you Saved?"

Saved from what? Eternal damnation? "The fiery pit?" "The Lake of Fire?" All biblical stories created by man, and that is what most of you have based your spiritual thought patterns on, regardless of how RIDICULOUS it sounds.

What about beings from other planets? Certainly if there are 70 million million million (70 sextillion) stars in the universe that are surrounded by planets, just as our star, the Sun, is surrounded by 8 planets that make up our solar system, as vast as the universe is (bear in mind, the 70 sextillion stars only make up the 5% of the observable universe), you would be a fool to think that we are the only intelligent life form.

The ingredients in the universe that make up a star, star dust, the planets that surround a star, and a human being are: Hydrogen, Helium, Oxygen, Carbon, and Nitrogen. Carbon is a naturally abundant nonmetallic element which forms the basis of most living organisms. It is the fourth most abundant element in the universe, and plays a crucial role in the health and stability of the planet through the carbon cycle (the same carbon atoms in your body today have been used in countless other molecules since time began). So not only do we exist in this universe, the universe itself exist in us. Astrophysicist Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson states, "just because we don't know how life is created certainly doesn't mean the universe has a problem creating life." Since carbon is the fourth most abundant element in the universe, you can bet your life on the fact that intelligent life is abundant throughout this infinite universe.

So what of their relationship with God? Did Jesus miraculously appear on other planets to die for their sins too? Or did he only come to planet earth? A planet that is less than a speck of dust when compared to just the Local Group of 30 Galaxies. The two largest spiral galaxies in the Local Group are the Milky Way and Andromeda (M31). There are billions of galaxies throughout the universe.

On a clear night, you can actually get a glimpse of the Andromeda Galaxy, if you have a telescope or powerful binoculars you would actually see the spiral of the galaxy. If you see it, you are looking 2,538,000 light years into space. A light year is not time, it is distance. One light year is equivalent to 6 trillion miles, so multiply 2,538,000 x 6,000,000,000,000 and that is how far you are looking into space. We can see them as tiny dots in space because they are so bright and so humongous in size. The Andromeda Galaxy or M31 has been estimated to be 220,000 light years across. Our Galaxy, The Milky Way, is about 100,000 light years across or 600 trillion miles across. This is what is known as the "observable universe" or the 5% that scientist, astronomers, and astrophysicist, have been able to study.

We are not alone in the universe. Therefore, when you look at the big picture, doesn't this make all the religious stories you've heard, and the bible itself, appear to be rather insignificant?