Religious Fundamentalist

Fundamentalism offers people security that it cannot deliver. Fundamentalist take the Christian story literally. Language about God cannot be a literal dialect. A horse could not speak with any intelligence, if a horse could speak, about what it means to be a human being. So why do human beings think they can speak with any degree of intelligence about what it means to be God. We can experience the Divine, and the Holy, but we can't describe it. The biggest misleading conception about all religions, through the ages, is that the church and the bible has acted as if it could define God in such a way that it could persecute or ostracize anyone who disagreed with its definition.

We have had religious wars, religious persecutions, and burned heretics at the stake. When Islamic fundamentalist (with assistance from the American Government) flew planes into the World Trade Center, for the first time, the Christian West had a chance to see what fundamentalism looks like when Americans are the victims.

Over the history of Western civilization we have victimized Jews, we have victimized heretics, we have victimized people of color, we have victimized women, we have victimized Gay and Lesbian people, all with quotations derived from a literal source that we call the Bible. Throughout the ages, religion has done much more harm than good.